Main fields of activity
Lojiksan has experience in the automation of all dust collection systems used in industrial facilities such as online filters, offline filters, electro-filters, water filters. Until that time has completed nearly 20 dust collection system in majority of steel industry with starting from the license project, all medium voltage, low voltage, plc projects, plc panels manufacturing, field supervision, plc-scada programs and commissioning.
Automation of the transfer lines, which is a combination of conveyor systems such as conveyor, elevator and transfer cars. More than one destination from multiple sources can be accessed by more than one transfer line. In our latest applications in ISDEMIR, the most optimal way is found by an algorithm. The first of this application was implemented in the Bandirma Etibor facilities and the last one is in ISDEMIR Blast Furnaces feeding systems.
Cooling towers are used to cool the water used in the process. This structures, which is used mostly in iron and steel plants and increases the number of towers according to the size of the facility. At first, the cooling tower automation system we conduct at İSDEMİR, controls the number and capacity of the cooling towers as required. In the system we do in PETKIM, according to the need, every tower is controlled by the drivers until it reaches the same capacity. If all the drives reach the same speed but the cooling is still insufficient, the drives are driven in turn with PID. The automation control of the Chiller cooling system, another cooling system, was commissioned by our company at the Golcuk FORD plant. This system is designed to keep the air pressure constant in the SISECAM factory in Russia.
It is the system that automates the processes such as weighing, picking, mixing and reacting the materials according to pre-prepared recipes. This system provides development of archiving features on the basis of products, analysis of statistical data and the possibility of product development in NEDEX Chemistry and LUNA Chemistry.
There are a significant automation infrastructure in the tunnels that your never noticed. For example, KORUTEPE-GULTEPE tunnels produced by our company have 44 S7315 2PN / DP PLCs, 2 redundant servers, 5 clients, 1 widescreen image processing computers and it has a total of twenty kilometers fiber infrastructure with single and multi-mode. In tunnels, it is preferred to use a separate PLC for each function. Even if the ventilation PLC is defective in a tunnel, all functions continue to operate with illumination PLC. For the automation systems of highway tunnels, all PLC systems must be redundant even fire detection system. So the number of PLC s can be surprisingly high. Our company has recently automation of ALANYA Tunnels.
Lojiksan worked as an automation partner in many TUBITAK projects. It is very important to understand what the R & D team is aiming for in such projects. Solutions that will be presented in order to achieve this goal in automation ensure the successful conclusion of the project. It is the duty of the automation system to record the received data and conduct a quality analysis process.
Fire detection Scada system covering all production facilities in Ankara TAI / TUSAŞ facilities was put into operation in 2012 by our company. The Scada system is still being used in the newly established production buildings with its original design. Scada system of our company developed for this purpose and RIO Panels of developed for this system can be easily installed.
Detection of unwanted gas accumulation in factories and tunnels is very important in terms of human health and plant safety. These gases are toxic and explosive and flammable further increases the danger. Exproof products are used for explosive flammable gas environments. Depending on the size of the field, the number of sensors increases and accordingly the capacity of the automation system should increase. In case of danger, the central control system must be aware. The biggest gas detection system we have established so far has been realized in MARMARAY project. We have established gas detection systems in pharmaceutical factories like SANDOZ.
We provide services for the automation of the alarm system on all kinds of ships and crane applications. Motion controls such as Anti-Heeling and Pitch Propeller are among the works of our company.
Our company has more than 20 years experience in all Siemens PLCs, WinCC SCADA systems and provides appropriate training services in terms of time zone and number of participants. We provide this training as a consultancy service from the beginning of the project to the commissioning.
We develop PLC integrated application to all kinds of IP cameras. Contact our company for details.
Our company has more than 20 years of experience in industrial software and has taken part in many strategic facilities and processes. In the systems encountered for the first time, we can offers creative solutions with its suggestions from previous experiences. Please contact us if you want to work with us.